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Relationship Games For Couples

Relationship Games

Playing interesting relationship games for couples helps bring connection, fun and question cards in particular helps build trust and understanding. It doesn’t matter whether you have been married to each other for five years or five months or you think that you already know everything about your partner. Chances are, there will always be new things to discover about each other or new topics to discuss as your relationship and life stage develops.

There are several activities and games for couples to do together. Firstly, choose games or activities based on your preferences for easy assimilation e.g. do you like factual challenge games (Trivia), competitive (point scoring), joke games (Truth or Dare) or question games that help tease out thoughts and meaning (How Game Are You?).

Start with what’s easy and meets both players expectations, then slowly move to more challenging or ‘less like your normal game’ so you expand your thinking into different ways. If you normally like joke activities and light hearted, maybe the change you seek is by getting more intellectual or emotional in activity style. If you are fact and details normally, perhaps time to play the make-believe romantic (Fog Of Love).

If you feel that your relationship is starting to lack fresh communication, then you can plan activities that involve lots of conversations, questions, guessing and answers. Here are a few ideas:


Road trip ideas

There’s nothing like the feeling of freedom when you hit the open road, so it’s no surprise that hopping in the car and heading out on a (long) drive can be a wonderful way to bond with your partner. Childhood games like ‘I spy’ can be great to bring back some fun and nostalgia. Another is to make free-flowing sentences between you where 1 person starts with a word, then the other person makes up a reasonable next word, and you keep taking turns and adding a word until the sentence comes to a conclusion, then start a new one. Create or google a bunch of questions and compile for your road trip, or buy a pack of ready made question cards (How Game Are You?)

Dinner party idea

Hosting a couples only dinner party can be a fun idea. Most people have rarely or never been invited to this kind of party, so just the mere fact that they’re receiving an invitation from you will already make it special. Have a different question planned for each course and once the meal is served, the host asks the question of someone and you go around the table clockwise for each person to answer e.g. What do you think are the biggest challenges couples in our generation face that our parents didn’t. Design these around your audience and make them open-ended and non judgmental to stimulate interactive conversation.

Create a Music Playlist of Your Relationship

Compile all the songs that have meaning to your relationship and put them on an Itunes or Spotify style playlist, USB or even old style CD. Think of the songs that were playing on your first date, before you had the title of “boyfriend” or “girlfriend”, your wedding song or favourite band songs? You can make it a ritual to listen to the tunes on each anniversary or romantic weekend away together.

Charades games with couples

You can play this game with just the two of you or with other couples. Write some movie titles on pieces of paper and keep them in one bowl or box. Take turns in picking a title and acting it out. Your partner or the other couple will then try to guess the movie title. It can quickly get boring if it’s just the two of you, so it’s much better to get other couples to join the game. You can also add new twists to the game to make it more interesting. For example, you can make it girls vs. boys. Or, you can also give a consequence for the person or team who fails to make a correct guess.

Drinking roulette is a fun relationship game

For this, you need two glasses and some beer, wine, spirits or juice. This doesn’t necessarily have to involve alcohol or it can be lower in percentage. You can use whatever drinks you like depending on your preference.

In this game, one person will ask a question they don’t already know the answer to e.g. “Have you ever been caught in public naked?” and the other person has to answer it in “yes” or “no’’. If the answer is “yes”, then the person being asked will have to take one sip. If it is a “no”, then there is no need to take the sip. If you are stuck for questions, Never Have I Ever can help you.

Relationship Games:

How Game Are You?™ Couples Edition

One of the best relationship games for couples that involves conversations, questions and building relationships is called ‘How Game Are You?™ Couples Edition’.

You take turns in asking thought-provoking questions’ that might not normally be asked, and there is a mixture of trivia for ice-breakers, personal questions, relationship questions and physical intimacy topics that are all designed to get a couple talking, sharing and learning about each other.

‘How Game Are You?™ Couples Edition’ is a respectful adult board game designed to expand a couples connection and intimate relationship through fun real-life conversations and topics covering general knowledge, relationship questions, sex and emotional intimacy.

Fog of Love

This is a game for two players. You will create and play two vivid characters who meet, fall in love and face the challenge of making an unusual relationship work. Playing Fog of Love is like being in a romantic comedy: roller-coaster rides, awkward situations, lots of laughs and plenty of difficult compromises to make.

Playing Fog of Love is like being in a romantic comedy: roller-coaster rides, awkward situations, lots of laughs and plenty of difficult compromises to make.

Much as in a real relationship, goals might be at odds. You can try to change, keep being relentless or even secretly decide to be a Heartbreaker. It’s your choice.

Truth or Dare

The game of candid confessions and daring deeds, this game uses questions as facts and challenges. A classic game is given a new twist, with answers to pop culture questions determining who has to answer the truth or act out a dare.

Be the first player to get rid of all Truth or Dare cards in your hand. Answer pop culture trivia questions correctly in order to force your opponent to tell the truth. If you answer the question incorrectly, you will be subjected to an outrageous dare.

To win the game, you might have to lick another player’s arm, run around the block howling like a coyote, or stand on your head?

The Discovery Game: Board Game for a Married Couple

The Discovery Game is a way for you and your significant other to feel more connected. It’s aimed at married couples, although anyone can use the game to strengthen their relationship.

This is not a tired old card game. The balance of competition and intimacy makes for an entirely unique and exciting way to connect and discover one another, and the game is designed to cultivate intimacy and connectedness.

This game brings all the excitement of a first date, regardless of how long you have been together. You control the pace of the game so your experience will be tailor-made specifically to fit your relationship.

Making a relationship work is a serious task, but it doesn’t mean you can’t add some fun and mix things up. Fun relationship games for couples starts with breaking the mundane and it happens whether you are an established couple or a very long term relationship.

For new couples, these activities can act as an icebreaker to help you know your partner better so go ahead and give these suggestions a try or better yet, get a copy of our game which was put together specifically to get couples talking and learning. Buy Now for quick delivery direct or through Amazon (US) and Amazon (AU).