Healing Power Of Conversation

Healing Power Of Conversation

Healing Power Of Conversation

Pain can come from anywhere at any time, it can come from family members, partners and friends. This pain causes scars, tears, unshed thoughts and as it builds up a wall is created and the heart freezes. Over time, pain can turn into anger and might harm that current relationship and any other relationships you have. However, there’s what we call the healing power of conversation..

By ‘conversation’, it’s in order to voice the pain we felt, we must indeed voice the pain. Every situation is unique, but there’s nothing a face-to-face and honest talk can’t mend.

Here are some techniques from Alyssa Siegel of Project Inspired to help you voice your pain clearly to be truly heard:

  • Have a third party present. We might say one thing, but the other party interprets it another way. Having someone older or you trust can help you voice out your pain and would be able to help you clarify what you’re trying to convey effectively.

  • Organise your thoughts. Going through the situations that have caused you pain and organising your thoughts before sitting down to talk helps you to be more persuasive and be perceived in a more clear way.

  • Kill them with kindness. Speaking kindly and sincerely gives the conversation a better chance of ending well than if you’re just being loud. It’s gently sharing what really is in your heart and having time to listen to the other person’s feeling  instead of always trying to ‘counter’ his/her opinion.

  • Establish an end goal. Before even setting up a date for that conversation, consider what do you hope to achieve of the talk. Do you want to sincerely reconnect and resolve things? Or do you just want to get back at them and vent out your frustrations of being hurt?

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Visit Project Inspired and learn more about the healing power of conversation.