This is the perfect experience to take your relationship up another level. Laugh and learn together, and untap more understanding and connection as each question is answered. Over 150 base questions plus 25 bonus questions develop increased emotional and physical intimacy. It's tasteful, meaningful, each game lasts 30 - 60 minutes typically and you can skip any questions you don't want to answer. You don't have to be a regular 'game player' to understand it, as the rules and format are easy to follow, and you can just read the card questions to each other if you wanted. Perfect for a date night, holiday weekend, wedding gift, anniversary gift, or any time you think your relationship deserves some extra attention, learning, fun and intimacy. [More detailed description further below]. For the same price as a bottle of nice wine or flowers and neither last very long, you can buy a game that will last forever and can even be brought out each anniversary for a refresher and create years of extra love, connection and joy. What's in the box:
  • Rules sheet in English
  • 4-fold game board 
  • 4 mini-meeples (16mm tall)
  • 50 each of 1, 2 and 3 chilli question cards = 150 (280 gsm)
  • 25x 4 chilli image cards in a sealed tuckbox (280 gsm)
  • 25x Perform or Pamper cards (280 gsm) Blindfold
Ships Internationally:  Flat Rate (In US $)
  • US $7 U.S.
  • AU $9 Australia
  • US $13 New Zealand
  • US $18 - $24 Canada, U.K., many SE Asia and some European countries.
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