Romantic Games That Couples Play

Games That Couples Play

Are date nights getting a little boring and you want to step it up a bit? One of the things connected couples do is look to shake up date nights every now and then. Romantic games that couples play or couple games are one way to share some time alone with your partner and reconnect to why you came together and the joys this close bond can bring

Most romantic games that couples play are about innuendo. Do this, guess this and then take some clothing off or sip a glass of wine or something. This is more tit-for-tat (if you excuse the pun), and it can be funny, but not fun, and definitely not connecting in a meaningful/ sustainable way.

There is more to romance than just playing a game. Romantic games is about setting the scene first and the game is the substance. Here are some fun and romantic games that couples play that you should definitely try out to bring some spark in your relationship

The keys for romantic games are:

  1. Set aside some quality time free of outside distractions

  2. Create the mood prior to set the scene. Maybe a little note added onto your partner’s lunch, or a text in the morning (e.g. so looking forward to our romantic games night together), or cheeky meme sent in the afternoon

  3. Create a nice space at home. Even if you just moved house, you can set aside some clean space, maybe put a tablecloth down or layout some snacks or dinner and a few candles or aromatherapy oils. It’s a sacred space of communication and romance that you are making

  4. If you are in the habit of de-briefing each day, agree between you to skip that today, or limit it to 5 mins or so each. Tonight has a focus, and its romance and connection, not practicalities

  5. Food or drinks are great additions and they can be especially prepared or take-away, but a little presentation goes a long way and helps set a higher standard. Maybe celebratory champagne to toast each other and what you love about each other, or some favourite fruit just in season or a rare treat you rarely splurge on

  6. Put electronics to the side (and preferably on silent). If something needs to be done, agree between you when your night will start and do the task before you sit down

  7. Hold hands and take a couple of deep breaths together to let the energy and attachment to the rest of your crazy day dissipate. You are here now setting a scene for your romantic night of fun and games

  8. Giving gratitude can be a great grounding task. Each take turns to say what you are grateful for in the world, including each other, and be very present. If you are not feeling present, explain this to your partner so they don’t get mixed messages and see what they suggest to help you become more present. For some, its a glass of wine, or a shoulder massage, foot massage or your favourite music played and a few more deep breathes to slow down

  9. Forget about your day and talk about love, romance, great times you’ve had together, what you love in life and about each other

  10. Play your romantic couple games or question cards of your choice (further examples below). We created a game specifically for this and it’s a real-life conversation game and through this couples learn, laugh and as a result, romantic connection develops at a whole new level.

  11. Take some photos of you having fun, or just stop for a second to acknowledge your partner and what a fun time you’re having. This is a moment you can recall in the future or talk about on a road trip, and help take you back to the moment

  12. Use the time together as a reminder of how good it is to feel romantic again, more connected and focused on your relationship. Set a date for the next event, or take turns to plan things, be it a full date night out, or an easy low-stress night in.

If you Google ‘Romantic Games’ there aren’t a lot on offer that aren’t tacky or just about activities rather than connection. Games for romantics are usually suggestions like Scrabble with romantic words only allowed, or drinking, strip games. Other are more strategy or make believe games and have their place for some people, but don’t really set the scene for a great romance night, of true intimate and romantic connection.

Even if you are skilled at opening conversations and creating safe places for intimate discussions, if your partner is less communicative for whatever reason (tired, flat, disconnected or just not valuing the time properly), it becomes harder to initiate or achieve a meaningful discourse. One solution is to sit down, think of some great conversation starters and your own way to start it. Make it fun and be interesting but not too provocative or push the other persons emotional buttons as you are trying to build connection and conversation, not win points.

Romantic games that couples play questions can be simple like: 

  • “What’s something in our lives together that you really appreciate at the moment?”

  • “What would you like to do more of as a couple?”

Or make them more romantic or steamy:

  • “What kind of romantic gestures do you like the most?”

  • “What’s something we haven’t done in the bedroom for a while we should think about?”

Creating these conversation questions can take quite some time. Lucky for you we’ve done the hard work and spent hundreds of hours developing questions to get your romantic games started.

‘Among the romantic games that couples play, How Game Are You? Couples Intimacy Edition is the “BEST ROMANTIC COUPLES GAME EVER” we think’.

Think of this as a real-life romantic couple games conversation starter. The game starts with a Pledge Card to set the scene for a truthful game. Player 1 selects a Level 1 (1 chilli) card with simple ice-breakers to get conversation going, and then you move to more open-ended general questions. The next level (2 chilli cards) is about relationships specifically, romance, gratitude and date nights. Level (3 chilli) is more about physical intimacy questions, but in a tasteful way.

You’ll learn a lot about yourself, your partner and your relationship. At the end the winner gets to choose a task for the loser, to be performed over the next 14 days or they have to pamper the other player in whatever ‘reasonable’ way they want. It’s a fun game to play and conversations linger way after playing the game, providing a basis for better understanding and more meaningful connection between couples. There are many romantic game nights to be had with over 150 base cards plus the bonus 4 chilli image cards.

How Game Are You? Couples Intimacy Edition is now available through our website, Amazon US and Amazon AU or Ebay AU. View the full details of the game here or order your copy now for yourself or as a gift, and be one of the first to play it.

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