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ORIGINAL EDITION: This latest game includes 150 thought provoking questions for friends and family, date nights, workplace ice-breakers or road trips. Three levels of question allow you to pick the right tone for the players and you can play short or long games and everyone is a winner due to increased fun together, understanding and connection.

What’s in the box:

  • 150 How Game Are You?™ ORIGINAL EDITION questions over 50 cards (3 questions per card).
  • Card stock outer Tuckbox
  • Plastic cello wrapped
  • 4 extra cards with Instructions and tips.

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Our games help people connect, get closer, learn more about life and each other.

This How Game Are You?™ORIGINAL EDITION is an easy game anyone can play. Just select a card, ask a question and yourself or the other player answers. New thoughts and conversations arise and communication goes from “how are you”, to “who are you”.

Suitable for friends, family, workplace, couples, date nights, road trips and as icebreakers for new acquaintances.


Play the A, B or C question cards together or individually depending on whether you want a quick lite game or more a loaded questions game. You can play Solo with a journal or 8 people over drinks, and while mostly it’s co-operative, you can also choose a compete mode.


* Family dinners come alive with new topics.

* Change up road trip activities and see how quickly the time goes past.

* Date nights take on new depth and connection.

* Play the cards as ice breakers to help everyone get to know each other more at work.

* Play solo in your reflective time, to look deeper into your life.

However you play these conversation cards are guaranteed to get you thinking, learning and sharing good times. Girls trip gifts.


* Bring back the intrigue and imagination of questions you had at the beginning of your relationship.

* New questions for couples create new outcomes and understanding.

* Play the full game, or just select a new question to discuss each day.

* Include as your road trip essentials.

* Date nights can start with 3 new questions or

* While away the hours answering questions in front of a log fire together.

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