How Game Are You?™ Couples Intimacy Edition


A fun way to help couples grow and learn more about their partner’s emotional and physical intimacy.

Whats in the box:

  • Rules sheet in English, accordion-fold
  • 4-fold game board 
  • mini-meeples (16mm tall)
  • 50 each of 1, 2 and 3 chilli question cards = 150 (280 gsm)
  • 25x 4 chilli image cards in a sealed tuckbox (280 gsm)
  • 25x Perform or Pamper cards (280 gsm) Blindfold

Ships Internationally:  Flat Rate (In Australian $)

  • $10 US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China
  • $15 Eu, Asia
  • $25 Rest of the world


Our games help people connect, get closer, learn more about life and each other.

This ‘Couples Intimacy’ social game is the first in a series of communication games and is designed for one couple to play, or two against each other or just close friends. It’s guaranteed to get conversation flowing and be the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

Move through the icebreaker style questions first, then emotional intimacy/relationship topics then the physical intimacy/sex topics. It’s all above board, respectful and about communication.

You can even skip any question and modify the game as you see fit. The aim is to learn more about each other, have a laugh, regain a focus on your intimate life as a couple from verbal to physical connection. After this who knows what might happen.

Please note: The games are currently under pre-production and after Chinese New Year and manufacture then drying and international shipping, expected delivery is May 2019.

Elements & Components:

Note: Artwork may change slightly from what is shown.

Shipping Explained:

Delivery. At this present stage the game art is being finalised for manufacture and production. Delivery is expected in May 2019.

Packaging. All games will be packaged in their own larger outer box to reduce the risk of damage in transit. This increases the manufacture and freight cost, but should ensure most if not all games arrive in perfect condition.

Privacy. The label will say Archisoul Trading Pty Ltd as the sender, How Game Are You? as the product and Tabletop game as the goods. The word Intimacy will be removed for your privacy.

Rates. These will be determined during the shopping cart process and based on your delivery address.
Method. For our game size and weight, the fastest and most efficient shipping method to you is to ship individual packages directly from China using specialist logistics companies and their post. These specialists deal with these type of shipments regularly and have a proven track record, so we intend using them for all individual shipments.

Unknowns. Due to the current American trade negotiations with China and currency fluctuations, shipping costs may change substantially over the next 60 days.

Additional information

Weight0.7 kg
Dimensions24 × 14 × 5.5 cm


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