Original Edition Game – How to Play

These questions are a fun way to learn more about each other and start new conversations from what is revealed. The best results come when players dig a little deeper for their most honest and detailed answers.


The questions are designed to start you off, then broader conversation often flow. Use one of our game suggestions below or create your own game style, or just handpick individual cards. All players can skip answering any questions.

Each card lists 3 questions, being: ‘A’ – the easier starter questions ‘B’ – these require more thinking and ‘C’ – the more personal How Game Are You?™ questions, if you are game!


1. Solo Standard: Place the deck with ‘A’ and ‘B’ questions face up. Select the top card and answer both questions yourself. If you’re game, play the flipside question, then place the discarded card alongside or underneath the deck. Play 1 card every day, or 5+ in a sitting, until the deck is finished.

2. Solo Random: As above, but fan out the cards, randomly select one, answer the questions, then choose another. Even the same question played a month later might prompt a different answer.

3. Solo Journaled: Put the cards in numbered order (e.g., C#001 bottom right on the colored side), select question ‘A’ and write down the card number plus your card answer(s). Continue to do 1 card per day to start your journal notes, or multiple cards each sitting. Use your answers as thought-starters to ponder more and see how your thinking changes over time.


1. Easy: Place deck colored face down. Player 1 selects the top card, reads question ‘A’ aloud and answers. Going clockwise, players each answer the same question. Discard card. Player 2 leads the next round, selects a card, reads question ‘A’ aloud and answers.

2. Harder: As above, but the reader can select an ‘A,’ ‘B’ or ‘C’ question.

3. Deeper: As per ‘Easy,’ but only read the more challenging ‘C’ questions.

4. Compete: Play any above, but your answers can be true or a convincing lie. The other players guess if your answer is true (score a point) or false, then move on to the next player.

5. Bigger Group: Player 1 deals a card to each player as their own questions. Player 1 reads aloud/answers their ‘A’ question. Going clockwise, the next player reads/answers their own ‘A’ question. Repeats with each player, moving to ‘B’ questions, then ‘C’. Player 2 leads the next round, dealing a new card to each player.

6. Random: Player 1 draws a card and chooses any question to ask any player. Player 2 answers then draw the next card, to ask any player.

7. Road Trip: Passenger selects and reads the driver’s questions for them.