Original Edition Card Game

All Original Edition cards are spill-resistant, Tarot card size and have an ‘A’ and ‘B’ question on one side, and the ‘C’ question on the other so you can play them order, or be selective.

There are 150 questions split into 3 groups.

  • 50 x ‘A’ questions. These are straight forward and the easiest to answer. Play just this level for younger players, or as easy ice-breakers. Examples: #1 Name a couple of movies you like and why. #2 Do you have any irrational fears?
  • 50 x ‘B’ questions. These require some extra thinking, so work up from A questions to B, or if you know someone well, start on the B questions. Examples: #1 Do you think the world can live in harmony? If so, what would it take to achieve this? #2 If you were gifted six months paid leave to study any topic in the world, what would it be and where?
  • 50 x ‘C’ questions. These become a little more personal and any player can skip any card they don’t want to answer. Examples: #1 What is one emotion of yours that you think you should experience more, or control better? #2 What do you think happens to us when we die?

There are 4 extra cards with different game play ideas/rules for 1 solo player up to 8 players.

Age wise the ‘Original Edition’ cards are created for players 16+ so all players have enough life experience to answer all of the questions.

The outer heavy-duty box holds all the cards and is the perfect size for glove box, hand bag, coat pocket or games drawer.

Download Rules and card examples

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