Sexy Board Games To Spice Up Your Night!

Since the comeback of board games, new categories have flourished well beyond hobbyists and kids. Lets call it the ‘Adult sexy board games’ category which is on top of the list for couples wanting to spice up and grow their connection more. Just the thought of sitting together, face to face, having a good laugh and quality time is an added bonus of playing a sexy board games with your partner. Some games even allow for other couples to join in (the game that is) so that as friends you all get a laugh together. In 2015 there is a brand new game that combines the above and creates understanding and empathy.

Back in 2014, Female First ranked the Top 5 Most popular adult sexy board games to be:

  1.       Monogamy
  2.       Bondage Seduction
  3.       Tease
  4.       Nookii
  5.       Truth or Dare

All are good, but focus strongly on the challenge or initiating physical sex, rather than the quality discussions and openness that leads to understanding, joy and ongoing fulfilling sex for all concerned. Listening to our friends that wanted more sex or just better quality, and more emotional intimacy, we developed a package including the game that can be played as couples, with a group of friends and even a fully themed dinner party. It’s fun, revealing, interesting and also a tasteful sexy board game. We cheekily called it How Game Are You – Adult Couples Edition and it’s designed not just to be sexually overt but also to open a fun conversation about sex, reducing stigmas and judgments among people, encouraging people to accept their sexuality wholly and quality fun for couples wanting to connect more with their partner’s sensual side.

Ready to sex up your game night or dinner party? Then How Game Are You? 😉