Sex Board Games Will Heat Up Your Game Night And Relationship

Sex board games

One of the most important factors of being in a relationship is having quality time with your partner. Creating time in your day with for your partner and at the very least the occasional date night usually does the trick as long as you can connect. Playing board games has been found out to be one good way to stimulate conversation, laughter and connection, another way is sex. Combine the 2 and you have ‘sexy board games’ to hopefully entice open conversations, laughter, learning and deeper connection. Sex-based board games, when done respectfully and with style, inject fun, excitement and increase your emotional and sexual awareness which can turn your normal date night into a hot game night for many nights to come (no pun intended).

Sex board games can vary from suggestive to the participatory and challenging type. You need to understand the grounds of the game before you buy it to see if it will be right for the both of you. Some games are very confrontational, some tacky and others tasteful, while a third type is now also emerging.

The current two types of sex board games can be generally categorized as:

  1. Discussion – This type of sex board game uses suggestive clues and action to provoke sexual situations. Couples answer questions get to build up their understanding of each other.
  2. Action – On the other hand, this type of sexy board games are designed to increase the level of sexual arousal. Many provoke activities, challenges and more revealing acts which often involves sexual interaction between a couple.

Something major was lacking though. The best sex normally involves emotional and physical connection, with desire and some skill really helps. Sometime people don’t know what they don’t know and so many couples are matched personally and emotionally, but not sexually.

It was time for a third category ‘Relating’, which is at the core of a ‘Relationship’. The game is the catalyst for understanding more about sex both physically and emotionally, sharing viewpoints, learning what makes sex good and bad, fun tasks, breaking down stigmas and through all of this ‘relating’ better as a key to enabling awesome sex.

More than just a game, the concept of ‘How Game Are You – Adult Couples Intimacy Edition’ was born. Created to be more than a sex board game, it’s for couples and groups of friends who are all interested in improving their emotional and sexual connection with their partner in an interesting and tasteful way. It’s about open conversation about sex reducing stigmas and judgments that aims to reignite a sense of passion and fun for couples, and do so in a tasteful, respectful way.

Heat up your game night!