A Happy Marriage From A 75-Year Married Couple

Happy Marriage

Married couple John and Evie Kasper has been together for more than 75 years. And to commemorate their love, romance and happy marriage, their granddaughter (Danni Munro) interviewed them on how they’ve managed to reach such milestone. In the video, John and Evie shared their secrets to a happy marriage:

  • Always kiss each other goodnight.
  • Profess your love for one another.
  • Never go to bed mad. “If it’s a focal point, sit alongside each other and talk it out. But then, it’s always kiss goodnight”, John says.
  • One of the important things for a happy marriage is to be nice to each other. Tell each other nice things.
  • Be good friends.
  • You got to make each other laugh too.

Here’s the full video of their Happy marriage interview: