Keeping A Relationship Fresh And Exciting

One of the most effective tools for keeping relationships fresh and exciting is playing together. It brings joy, energy and flexibility to the relationship. And the same time it can also be a tool in healing pains caused by arguments and hate. Regularly playing together enables us to learn to trust and feel safe around the people we’re with. Trust helps us to work together, to be more open to intimacy and confident to try new things. And these efforts can improve the relationship quality you have not just with your family, friends and co-workers but mostly your love relationship with your partner. Here’s some ways how:

Play helps develop and improve social skills. As a adults we already know the basics of socialising, and as we constantly practice play and humor we’re polishing more those skills. And one prime example of this play and humor skills is flirting, that is for an ‘adult’ kind of interaction.

Play teaches cooperation with others. Cooperation doesn’t stop at working as a team, but as well as breaking down those walls so you can reach out more and the team work you’re building is more genuine. This goes as well with love relationships, with play and humor you’re breaking down the wall between you and your partner working more as a team, adding and keeping things more exciting, fresh and vibrant.. In a new love relationship, it helps individual overcome awkwardness towards the other person during their dating and getting-to-know stage.

Play can heal emotional wounds. Playing allows you to be engage in a positive and playful behaviour that are common in child development. This behaviour can also create the same positive behaviour for adults. For example, for an emotionally insecure person playing with a secure partner, play and humor can alleviate this negative emotion and behaviour replacing it with a more positive action and connection. This positive and playful behaviour also allows people in a love relationship to easily overcome differences and deal with tiny misunderstandings easily.

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