Best Sex Starts With Communication!

When there is true connection between loving sexual partners outside the bedroom, the sex can ramp up to a whole new level of intimacy, connection, fun and even performance within the bedroom. True love and sexual ecstasy is the end result of many steps and the very first one, after chemistry, is communication. In fact, communication can even start the mental chemistry and there is no stronger connection than love, but it’s not always that simple.

The good news is that the best love and sex may only need a slight tweak in your thinking to be achieved. Gary Chapman wrote a book titled The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts, and he determined the 5 ways we communicate love and if your style and your partners are different, sometimes it just takes an awareness and change of your delivery, and you can have things back on track. Communication is the key.

Each person has primary love language that we as a partner should learn to speak if we want our significant other to feel loved. Gary Chapman explains that each person needs to receive love and that every person need to be loved can be compared to what he calls as a ‘love tank’. Chapman’s explanation on how we can better understand the 5 love languages to fill up our partner’s ‘love tank’ are as follows:

Words of Affirmation

If this is your partner’s language, your compliments, acknowledgement and recognizing something your partner has done well to you and for the relationship will mean the world to them. Hearing the words “I love you” and the reason behind that love will always be a music to their ear. As Chapman describes it, it’ll be a pouring rain on a thirsty soil where soon enough you’ll see new life growing.

Acts of Service

For these people, the saying ‘action speaks louder than words’ are true for love. If your partner has this love language, doing something for them will speak volumes. Vacuuming, helping with the dishes, the laundry and even a simple cup of coffee in the morning done with joy will make them feel most loved.

Receiving Gifts

Gift giving is universal and throughout the course of history has been recognized as an expression of love. However, for people whose primary love language is receiving gifts, this act will make them feel being loved the most. Your partner will feel loved and treasured receiving gifts on their birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and even on ‘no occasion’ days. They don’t really mind if the gift is expensive or fancy, for them, it’s the thought that counts.

Quality Time

This language is all about giving the other person your undivided attention and the fullness of your presence. These people feel most loved when they feel a greater connection where you are not doing something else, but only being there conversing and listening. This includes emotional connection during any activity you are doing together, even if you’re just ‘hanging out’ together.

Physical Touch

To this person, nothing speaks more deeply than appropriate touch. They will appreciate lots of hugs, a pat on the shoulder, touching his/ her legs when you’re driving together, holding hands while walking, kissing and cuddling, sex, and even an impromptu massage will do the trick. Reaching out and touching your partner will be very reassuring and meaningful if he/she has this primary love language.

Communication is the key and this is what How Game Are You – Adult Couples Intimacy Edition was designed for. It’s also about communication, learning, discussion, opening conversations and as an added bonus, it’s great fun and there are many laughs and can be played just with a partner or as a group. It’s all about communication and learning. We’ll leave all the physical action to you in your own private space but getting into the right headspace is so critical.

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