Fun Sex Games Build Interest And Desire

fun sex games

According to America’s leading love and intimacy expert, Dr. Sheri Meyers, giving each other a daily dose of what she calls 3 A’s – attention, appreciation and affection – are the critical factors in keeping any relationship alive with interest and desire. Over time, feelings towards our relationship change. But this does not mean that they disappear, they just happen to evolve.

Relationships might be driven by life’s demands and responsibilities that leave little room for intimacy, fun and sex. Soon enough, the thrill of being in love and the burning passion for romance are replaced with the tired days and that a nap together would be better than some connecting and fun sex. On the other hand, your relationship might be just as great as you thought it could be, yet your life behind closed doors is getting a little too routine and sex has lost its fun and energy.

Playing fun sex games with your partner might just be the key for re-ignition! We’re not talking sleazy or smutty games, but fun interactions that are bound to build attention, appreciation and affection.’s newlywed expert Francesca Di Meglio, said, “sex games don’t have to mean doing weird things with which you are not comfortable, nor do they have to be about bringing toys into the bedroom. All you really need are you and your partner and a bit of creativity and honesty.”  And this games will not just add a little kick to your relationship but might as well get to inspire your sex life. Playing sex games with your partner can shake up things up from life’s boring demands and responsibilities and allows the couple to create more intimate time.

Sex games to play with your partner can range from existing games where rules can be changed to fit the couple’s interests and games which couples totally invent themselves. However, no matter how exciting sex game products look like they tend to focus only on bringing back your physical passion for lovemaking instead of bringing back that burning passion for intimacy and romance all in one.

Creating your own games is fun, but can take a lot of energy and sometimes fall flat, but the good news is that a new game has been created for the purpose of re-igniting the sense of fun and passion for couples wanting to connect more physically and emotionally, in a tasteful and honest way. The game stimulates your mind first with facts, ideas, conversation starters, tips and its cheekily named,  How Game Are You – Adult Couples Intimacy Edition. Developed for a group of friends for support and laughs, or just a couple, it helps reduce stigmas and judgements so everyone can re-rediscover their mojo, passion, desire and gets some hints on how to get there.

Grab your partner or friends, start new conversations, shake things up and have some fun, sex and increased intimacy through How Game Are You!