Romantic Games that Couples Play

Romantic games for couples Are date nights getting a little boring and you want to step it up a bit? One of the things connected couples do is look to shake up date nights every now and then. Romantic games for couples is one way to share some time alone with your partner, learn, laugh and see what happens on [...]

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4 Main Definitions of Intimacy and What they Mean for You

What is the meaning of intimacy? The dictionary defines 'intimacy' as closeness or sexual intimacy, but did you know that there are more ways to define intimacy than that? An interesting way to define intimacy would be blending of hearts. Intimacy with our partner allows us to 'see into' who are partners really are and makes our companion [...]

Play and Relationship

Play and Relationship One of the most effective tools for keeping relationships fresh and exciting is playing together. It brings joy, energy and flexibility to the relationship. And the same time it can also be a tool in healing pains caused by arguments and hate. Regularly playing together enables us to learn to trust and feel safe around [...]

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