Intimacy and Connection

Sexual Scripts – Saving Your Sex Life!

Sexual Scripts That Will Save Your Sex Life Sometimes sexual scripts (e.g. kissing > foreplay > intercourse) or the way you’re getting sexual with your partner can get so boring, strenuous, full of anxiety and sometimes being blocked by our emotional barriers and baggage. According to Lisa Thomas, LMFT and Clinical Sex therapist, sexual scripts needs to [...]

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Physical And Verbal Exercise To Build Intimacy

Building Intimacy Through Physical And Verbal Exercises Here are some exercises Jordan Gray, a relationship consultant and coach usually suggest to his client to do to further build their intimacy. (If you happen to be more of a verbal person, verbal exercises will follow after this content). Soul Gazing. Facing each other in a seated position, hold [...]

Loving Partners – Best Sex – Starts With Communication!

Best Sex Starts With Communication! When there is true connection between loving sexual partners outside the bedroom, the sex can ramp up to a whole new level of intimacy, connection, fun and even performance within the bedroom. True love and sexual ecstasy is the end result of many steps and the very first one, after chemistry, is [...]

Taking Your Sex Life Up A Notch

Taking Your Sex Life Up A Notch Taking your sex life up a notch Do you want to explore and expand your sexuality within an intimate relationship? Here are seven steps (to be done largely in this order) to help you whether you are in an early days but highly charged relationship, or want to expand what [...]

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15 Quick Facts About Orgasm

15 Quick Facts About Orgasm  Multiple orgasms are real. Some women can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. Predict your woman's likelihood of orgasm by the distance between a woman's clitoris and vagina. Orgasm and ejaculation are two different things. Women experience nocturnal orgasm too. Based on scientific studies, the coital alignment technique has helped increased the odds [...]

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