How To Feel Close And Connected In Your Relationship Again

Making Relationship Close And Connected Again When we feel disconnected and unfulfilled in our relationships, we often believe that we need something more or at least something different from our partners for us to be happy. However, being happy and getting what we truly desire has more to do with us being aware of ourselves, and this [...]

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How To Restore Intimacy And Connection In A Struggling Relationship

How To Restore Intimacy And Connection In A Struggling Relationship In an article by YourTango, Marriage/Couples Counselor Nicola Beer points out the 3 main reasons why couples struggle to restore intimacy and connection after a breakdown. Below are some ways on how you can solve those issues. Men and women view intimacy differently. Men and women tend [...]

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The Best Way To Communicate In Relationships

Ways To Communicate In Relationships It is often said that actions speak louder than words, however, we should also take note that words have its own place in a relationship. What and how you speak these words is one of the ways to determine how you value a person or a person values you. And that being [...]

Sex Conversations

Starting A Good Sex Conversation Sex can be one of the most intimate and pleasurable moments married or couples in a romantic relationship can experience. However, it can also be one of the terrifying things to deal and talk about with, even with a partner. ‘How Game Are You’ was developed as a tool to start conversations, [...]

This Happens To Your Body When You Stop Having Sex

What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Having Sex? There is hardly anything that contributes to a better mood or offers more fun than one of the most beautiful pastimes in the world. But the importance of a healthy and regular sex life really is often underestimated. Here are eight good reasons why you should not [...]

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Sexual Mindset To Save Your Sex Lives

Adjust Your Sexual Mindset...Save Your Sex Lives! Sex therapist Vanessa Marin gives 5 ways to adjust your sexual mindset to get your sex life re-invigorated. Be more playful. Just be yourself in the bedroom. Feel free to laugh and joke around while you’re in bed with your partner. And welcome the silly side of sex.Remember, sex is supposed [...]

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Building Intimacy Through Connecting More…

Intimacy Through Connection A happy and successful relationship is all about time. And when life’s buzzes take over, here’s a summary from Jamie Long, on 12 thirty-second ways to connect more with your partner: Daily touch. Human needs physical contact, it’s one of our most basic needs! A kiss or a hug will always create a difference [...]

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Sexual Scripts – Saving Your Sex Life!

Sexual Scripts That Will Save Your Sex Life Sometimes sexual scripts (e.g. kissing > foreplay > intercourse) or the way you’re getting sexual with your partner can get so boring, strenuous, full of anxiety and sometimes being blocked by our emotional barriers and baggage. According to Lisa Thomas, LMFT and Clinical Sex therapist, sexual scripts needs to [...]

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Physical And Verbal Exercise To Build Intimacy

Building Intimacy Through Physical And Verbal Exercises Here are some exercises Jordan Gray, a relationship consultant and coach usually suggest to his client to do to further build their intimacy. (If you happen to be more of a verbal person, verbal exercises will follow after this content). Soul Gazing. Facing each other in a seated position, hold [...]

Loving Partners – Best Sex – Starts With Communication!

Best Sex Starts With Communication! When there is true connection between loving sexual partners outside the bedroom, the sex can ramp up to a whole new level of intimacy, connection, fun and even performance within the bedroom. True love and sexual ecstasy is the end result of many steps and the very first one, after chemistry, is [...]