About Us

The creation of the Couples Intimacy game came from a combination of a few life experiences, and then magically became woven into one clean solution.

15 years ago Jo was baking plastic dinner plates with finger painted bugs on them for her daughters school project and thought how predictable this theme was, so having finished her Mum duties, she made a few fun ones with comic style male and female genitals on them. Jo loved art and so she showed a few school mums her plates as a laugh and before she knew it people were lining up to buy some to just have a laugh around body parts and not take it so seriously.

Years later Jo’s art skills surface again and she created what she calls Ruminart – a kind of tribal mixed imagery that is a combination of her ruminations and letting the energy then flow. Friends love them and one had genitals blended in and when discovered brought both panic from some people, but in the context of art – then laughs? She questioned why are people so reserved on some topics, yet given the right environment they naturally laugh, giggle and relax? This started a flood of topics around their physical insecurities, doubts, desires and how they couldn’t talk to their partner about it.  How could she share the message of just have fun, don’t be so serious, let go of past stigma’s, communicate and do this in a way that is sustainable for a relationship?

Enter Bradley. Having spent 10 years as a mortgage broker, he witnessed how couples spoke about money, sometimes in sync and other times in silence. Some topics were taboo, too hard or avoided for the sake of the peace, but really needed to be talked about. He wondered how he could encourage people to talk more about their budget, spending patterns, long term aspirations, fears around money etc.

The task became how to find a way that allowed people to talk and be free about some of the ‘Real Life Conversations’ that needed to be had, but also make it fun so they didn’t feel grilled.

Well a lot of attempts were made, tested, re-done, re-tested many times and eventually a final format was ready. Several prototypes were made for money and relationship topics and it was decided to launch the relationship/intimacy version first.

This fun ‘adult couples’ game experience will help touch on different topics, start new conversations and if your goal is just to win the game or perhaps have more sex, then through emotional connection, then the rest normally follows. You’ll get to  laugh, share, learn and often let go of stigma’s around relationships and sex, and all in a tasteful way.

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