Grandparent and Children Edition

These cards were designed to help different generations learn from each other and converse in a more caring way. There are 140 questions on spill-resistant Tarot sized cards and focussed on children around 8-12 years old talking with their Elders, whether it be grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Step-parents etc.

These child psychologist approved questions help bring out the joy and creativity of the young, while the Elder questions bring out their wisdom and very different experience. The result is more understanding and topics for ongoing connection and growth together.

CHILDREN – are given the the right questions to ask their grandparents to tease out the lessons, wisdom and fun experiences a child can really enjoy and learn from. These conversation cards for kids build the respect, openness and fun between them.

GRANDPARENTS/ ELDERS – don’t have to struggle finding age appropriate questions and can go way beyond “How was school” and “That’s a pretty dress” to real questions to let the child’s imagination, joy and playfulness shine through. Our Moments with children is special so make the best of it.

AGE APPROPRIATE and CHILD PSYCHOLOGIST APPROVED. Questions are carefully crafted and the children’s cards split into 8-10 and 10-12 y/o questions, and the Grandpa / Grandma / Elder can even change the questions up or down based on the child’s development stage.

BRINGS ALL TYPES OF FAMILIES TOGETHER. Whether it be a grandparent, Uncle/Aunt, Step-parent or Guardian, Cousins or Parents, they can all play the Grandparent role and ask the pre-made questions as conversation starters. Even distant relationships flourish usually.

THE PERFECT GIFT. Ideal grandma gift, grandpa gift or grandparents day gift as it helps open the connection points between the Elder and children creating new topics for discussion and relating.

As they say “Get them talking and the rest will follow.”

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