All your questions answered

What is a Conversation Game?

  • A Conversation Game is designed to ask questions or impart information that can lead to meaningful real-life conversations. They’re usually designed to be fun and flow, with the outcome of starting meaningful conversations, rather than made up stories or jokes that word related party game might do e.g. Cards Against Humanity. Some say a ‘game’ has to have a winner and loser and there are ‘compete modes, different levels and fun’ in our products, hence we feel game is more appropriate than just ‘questions on cards’

Are the Games child friendly?

  • Different editions of How Game Are You?™ are published for different ages, understanding and whether in a group, family or a couple. Check the clearly marked age definitions on the game boxes to be sure. Examples: The ‘Original Edition’ is 16+ so the player has enough experience in life to answer most of the questions. The ‘Couples Intimacy Edition’ is 18+ because there are a few adult terms and a handful of stylised graphics that are for more adult players. 

Do you ship Internationally?

  • Yes we will ship to many countries, and fulfilling through Amazon U.S. and Australia which may give you the best rate for your country and they export direct to some places.

Can I buy this through a local store?

  • No. Our games have a specific niche and traditional stores have minimal space, so it’s not economical for ourselves or the stores to sell this game through standard retail. Online retail, of course, gives you options through Amazon and others. 

What is your policy on selling your email list?

  • We frown upon people using our email for anything bar its intended use and we apply this philosophy ourselves. We will never sell your email, name or details to any other provider. If we find another product or offer in alignment with our offering we may email you with the details, but each email will have an Unsubscribe link as our intention is to help you, not be a spammer. 

What is your Privacy Policy?

Do you have a Facebook page for feedback?

How can I submit new card ideas?

What if I have a small problem?

  • In the ulikely event there is a problem, please email us so we can rectify it ASAP – [email protected]. If you purchased through Amazon you will need to talk direct with them as we don’t have access to your customer details, delivery instructions etc etc, so only they can fix it. If you are unhappy with them, come back to us and we’ll still try to rectify it directly with you.

What is your return policy?

  • Full details are available in our Return Policy page. In summary, we offer a 30 day full refund for the game cost if its a ‘Change Of Mind’ purchase and is un-opened and sealed. We will replace any broken missing parts in the unlikely case that happens. If you purchased through Amazon they have their own return policy, so please review the details on the Amazon product page before you purchase. Generally you have 30 days return with Amazon.

I am interested in becoming an Affiliate .. how does this work?

  • We are very selective on who we accept and how, but welcome the opportunity to work with professionals who want to spread the word on our great product, and you deserve some commission for your work in facilitating this. For interested affiliates that feel they may qualify, please visit our Affiliates page.