Dinner Party Games For Fun And Laughter

Dinner Party Games For Fun And Laughter

Dinner parties are a great way to gather some friends and enjoy good food together. Adding a dose of playfulness to a conversation will definitely take your party to the next level and playing games over dinner is definitely one sure way to do that!

Instead of just getting into your usual dinner conversation, which sometimes can get boring and not everyone can relate or checking with your mobile phones updating your social media accounts, spice up and liven the night with these dinner party games suggestions.

How Game Are You – Couples Intimacy Edition

A tasteful themed dinner party board game for an open and FUN conversation about sex with the purpose of reducing stigmas and judgments. Once you have purchased the game kit, the ideas are prepared for you, including suggested recipes, invitations, game manuals and all the accessories. All you need to do is grab your partner and a group of good friends and organize the party! You can set the party to only have couples as guests or a close group of friends or even singles and it sets the scene for fun, laughter and an improved sex life after.

The game included three defined decks of cards with questions and ranging from interesting trivia questions, to fun actions and leading raunchy discussions .. you decide. The player is free to choose which level he/she prefers to answer. Score sheets, pencils and timer are also provided. You’ll get points for every correct or answered or acted out action and discussion questions. The girl and guy with the most number of points wins! And a specially crafted novelty cup will be awarded to them as the Master and Mistress of the night.

The Couples Game

A fun game for a dinner party when you’re only planning to have couples at the party. To prepare the game all you need are either a pad of paper or a small dry eraser board for each couple and some fun questions, most likely 10-15 about the guys for girls to answer and another 10-15 abut the girls for guys to answer.

Now to get the fun started, sit all the women on one side of the room and the men on the other side. The host can start asking the guys first and hand out the pad of paper or board to the girls. As you say the first question, before having the guys answer the question have the girls write the answer first and place them down. Now go and ask the guys one by one and as they answer, their partner will reveal their answers. The couple with the same answer receives a point! Having asked all the questions for the guys, announce the current scores and now have them switch over. This time the guys get the board and the girls to guess their partner’s answer. The couple with most number of points wins!


The CLASSIC and an all-time favorite word guessing game without talking. To prepare, separate your guest into two teams. Provide each person from for each team a piece of paper and have them write a secret word or phrase. Now collect separately the papers from each team, with each team guessing the other’s words or phrases. Taking turns, one member of the team will act out the word or phrase – and no mouthing please! With the rest of the team guessing. The catch? They only have three minutes or less to figure out the word or phrase. They will get a point for each correct answer. And the team with the most number points wins!


Test your pop culture knowledge and play this game! To prepare the game, provide each of your guests Post-it note and pens. While they’re seated at the table, have each guest write a famous person’s name on the Post-it. You can even make it more difficult or wacky by allowing them to pick historical figures or a cartoon character! Now, without sneaking a look, have them stick their note on a friend’s forehead and get the game started. Each person will now have to figure out who their celebrity is by asking other guests questions. Whoever guessed their identity the fastest with the least amount of questions wins!

Slip It In

Enliven the chatter and play this game! To prepare for the game, prepare phrases in pieces of papers and hand it out to each of you guests. You can either hand it out as guest arrive at the dinner or hide each one under the guest’s dinner plate. When everyone had settled down or is already seated at the table, have them read their assigned phrases – not letting others peek at them and of course not peeking at others and get the game rolling.

As dinner progresses, every guest must attempt to slip those phrases into a casual conversation without someone realizing that it’s their “slip it in” phrase. The catch? Each person should wait for 5 minutes after slip it in their story before they can claim their victory! You can award prizes to the guest who was the first one to use their phrase, the guest who guessed the most “slip it in” phrases and a small prize for each who were able to slip in their phrase successfully. And bet you can even give penalty prize for people who were caught slipping in their phrase or those that have never used their phrase by the end of the evening.

Sing Down

This fun game really get you singing. Now to get started, divide your guest into teams. As the host, choose a word and have each team brainstorm songs as many as they can that contains the chosen word. Each team has one minute to think. After that, get the singing going. Each team takes turn in singing a song which contains that word. The catch? NO songs can be repeated once it’s already sang by another team and everyone on the team MUST sing!

Once a team runs out of songs to sing is out and the last team standing with the most number of songs wins! Make sure though that you have the internet to check the validity of the song if some confusion arises.

Ask Me About

Want to be the first one to play the game and see ‘How Game Are You’? Send us your details or buy the How Game Are You? Couples Intimacy game to take things up a notch. The game includes 4 CHILLI CARDS that has sex topics in them. These are optional and in a sealed section so only select them if you want to change things up a little. They have stylised images on them of sex positions, toys and hair styles for you to make names up for.

The game is now available through our website, Amazon (US and AU) and Ebay (AU). You can order your own copy of the game now and be one of the first to receive it. Now you have your dinner party all set up for the next level!

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