Couples Games

Couples Games

Why couples games? We’ll assume you’ve probably self-isolated or quarantined yourself and for those with a significant other, this might be the first time you are with your partner 24/7 for weeks on end. After watching movies and everything Netflix has to offer, enjoying great lovemaking sessions, and cooking every meal together, there’s still a lot of time and boredom to kill.

So here’s an opportunity to have fun, connect more, laugh together and in some cases strengthen your relationship. Let’s recall an often-forgotten pastime: couples games. Remember when you used to find so much joy in a round of card games or Twister? Well, turns out, there are plenty of quality couples games that can actually draw you closer and strengthen your bond.

With Amazon still delivering and holding good stock, you can quickly obtain a few couples games for some flirty competition and banter to keep the spark alive and pass the time. Once you are free from isolation you can play the games many times over in the future for anniversaries, Valentines days, date nights or to bring back the memory of lock down 🙂

We could say that couples who play together, stay together. Here are some great examples:

How Game Are You?™ Couples Edition

This is one of the newest and best couples games and involves conversations, questions and building relationships. The focus is on building real-life conversations, it’s tasteful, has a variety of tasks and you can skip any question if you want. You take turns in asking thought-provoking questions’ that might not normally be asked, and there is a mixture of trivia for ice-breakers, personal questions, relationship questions and physical intimacy topics that are all designed to get a couple talking, sharing and learning about each other.

The Discovery Game: Board Game for a Married Couple

The Discovery Game is a way for you and your significant other to feel more connected. It’s aimed at married couples, although anyone can use the game to strengthen their relationship. The balance of competition and intimacy makes for an entirely unique and exciting way to connect and discover one another, and the game is designed to cultivate intimacy and connection. This game brings all the excitement of a first date, regardless of how long you have been together. You control the pace of the game so your experience will be tailor-made specifically to fit your relationship.

Fog of Love

This is a game for two players. You will create and play two vivid characters who meet, fall in love and face the challenge of making an unusual relationship work. Playing Fog of Love is like being in a romantic comedy: roller-coaster rides, awkward situations, lots of laughs and plenty of difficult compromises to make. Much as in a real relationship, goals might be at odds. You can try to change, keep being relentless or even secretly decide to be a Heart breaker. It’s your choice. This game is like being in a romantic comedy: roller-coaster rides, awkward situations, lots of laughs and plenty of difficult compromises to make.

Truth or Dare

The game of candid confessions and daring deeds, this game uses questions as facts and challenges. A classic game is given a new twist, with answers to pop culture questions determining who has to answer the truth or act out a dare. This game uses questions as facts and challenges. Be the first player to get rid of all Truth or Dare cards in your hand. Answer pop culture trivia questions correctly in order to force your opponent to tell the truth but if you answer the question incorrectly, you will be subjected to an outrageous dare. To win the game, you might have to lick another player’s arm, run around the block howling like a coyote, or stand on your head?

Never Have I Ever

Questions here are designed to tease out information you might not normally share or have considered e.g “Never Have I Ever… put gum under a table” and the respondent has to admit “yes” or “no” The questions add a degree of challenge and discovery between the players, but it can also be a bit confronting. Never Have I Ever presents the BEST opportunity to learn hilarious facts about the people you THOUGHT you knew. It’s fast, fun, and perfect for your next game night. Conversation can ensue afterwards on an answer you gave, but the game is more suited to just fun and laughter with twists and turns on how you expected people to answer.

Cards Against Humanity

Questions in this game are used to create outrageous combinations. A question is asked with a blank and you play cards you have with answers. Sometimes the questioner chooses the funniest answer, other times the most inappropriate, or sometimes the one least likely to offend. This is more a party game and probably not a single sensible answer or learning would come, but it can be fun and gets people laughing. Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card.

Hasbro Gaming Trivial Pursuit Game

The Classic Edition of this Trivial Pursuit Game is the same original gameplay (Fact question and answer) , only updated but still with a 1980’s retro appearance! Featuring classic gameplay and game board, this game contains 2,400 questions in 6 categories: Geography, Entertainment, History, Art and Literature, Science and Nature, and Sports and Leisure. Players move around the board answering Trivia questions on each topic for points along the board. Gather friends and family to play the trivia game that started it all! The Trivial Pursuit Classic Edition game features the classic gameplay that you know and love.

Dare Duel – A Sexy Truth or Dare Game for Couples

This is more a sex game for couples where you create the sexy dares and favors you compete for, making every game unique. Players take turns drawing cards and selecting words or phrases to create ‘Sexy Dares’ to act out. With hundreds of different words and phrases to choose from, the combinations are almost endless, making every game unique. Sexual preference doesn’t matter, and players can either enjoy the game with their partner or a group of very close friends. Please note that Dare Duel is a game for two grown-up players of any gender that are in a romantic relationship.

Twenty Questions [original question game]

This is a spoken parlor game designed in the early 1900’s which encourages deductive reasoning and creativity through questions. In this deductive question game, one player is chosen to be the answerer. That person chooses a subject (object) but does not reveal this to the others. All other players are questioners. They each take turns asking a question which can be answered with a simple “Yes” or “No.” The answerer answers each question in turn. Lying is not allowed in the game and if a questioner guesses the correct answer, that questioner wins and becomes the answerer for the next round. If 20 questions are asked without a correct guess, then the answerer has stumped the questioners and gets to be the answerer for another round.

We hope we’ve helped you determine the style of activity and game you want, and have also been able to direct you to the best couple games at home to try, play and most of all enjoy.

Our pick of course is the How Game Are You?™ Intimacy Edition because you each learn, enjoy and start new conversations to enhance your emotional and physical intimacy. View full details here or Buy Now for quick delivery direct or through Amazon (US) and Amazon (AU).

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