Couples Intimacy Board Game

Revitalize your connection with your partner

Couples ask...

questions to each other on topics that may not come up in usual conversion - leading to deeper connections during... and after, the game.

Over 150 Cards

Plus 25 extra spicy questions to develop increased emotional and physical intimacy.

Perfect Date Night

Out-do your next date night for an unforgettable experience they'll love you for.

Engage Your Partner

Take the lead on how deep you go with sexual/intimate chilli cards levelled 1-4 🌶️

What you get...

208 Cards ranked by Chillies
Game Board and Markers
Pledge Cards
Personal Challenge Cards

Limited Time Offer

What Couples Have Said

"I’m usually conservative to these things, but was curious to try a couples game. I was surprised at the fun, laughs and things we learnt about each other. Already have the next round planned!"
"Great fun, I learnt a lot from my husband over a glass of wine. Be both can't wait for our next game as a team against our neighbours."

Revitalize Your Connection Now

"What we want is someone to be naked with, not only body, but in soul."

-Margaret Wheatley

The Story

The Antidote to Boring, Surface-Level Conversations

To the Loyal Friend, Family Member & Partner.

Are you tired of boring, surface-level conversation? Do you just want to have fun, meaningful interactions with the people you love?

Let’s be honest… in today’s society, we’ve totally lost the art of good conversation and connection!

We’re constantly:
Stuck behind our smartphones all day Addicted to social media

And barely get the opportunity to really connect with our busy, fast-paced 9 to 5 lifestyle. All of this leads to us feeling more disconnected than ever.

When we DO get the time to talk… it’s often dominated by the latest Media headline or trivial gossip about what so and so said about so and so...

Which no one really wants to talk about!

So we excuse ourselves from the conversation.

Grab another drink.

And sit ourselves in front of our screens.

But that’s not even the worse part. When we DO try to connect with others and engage in conversations about real life issues…

...It can quickly escalate into an argument, or someone getting triggered, or just wind up being genuinely uncomfortable…

So we avoid it like the plague.

So what next? We all deserve better, don’t you think?

Enter: How Game Are You™ Conversation-Starter Games.

These games are designed to inspire meaningful conversations with your partner on date night, with friends, or at the next family gathering.

Included are a series of thought-provoking questions that will get you sharing and engaged in meaningful conversation with a splash of fun and light-heartedness.

Before we continue… you may be wondering, who on earth is this guy talking about meaningful conversations?

Hey, I’m Bradley Field, Creator of How Game Are You™.

The first time I noticed we had a serious problem with conversations as a society was while I worked as a Mortgage Broker.

I would often witness couples getting into arguments about their finances and different expectations and needs…

...One person would always get frustrated, they wouldn’t have the tools to communicate properly, and they’d end up just giving up… which led to a big rift in the relationship.

I started to notice this was happening all around me:

Partners disconnected in their marriages and not talking about it. Family members holding onto past resentments and distancing themselves. Friends in their own social world and completely disconnected from everyone else around them.

After having multiple friends come to me for advice, I realised we were in need of a communication revolution.

This is exactly why I created How Game Are You™ Conversation-Starter Games to change the way we connect and converse with each other.

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