Main Definitions Of Intimacy

Main Definitions Of Intimacy

Main Definitions Of Intimacy

The dictionary defines ‘intimacy’ as closeness or sexual intimacy, but did you know that the main definitions of intimacy? An interesting way to define intimacy would be blending of hearts. Intimacy with our partner allows us to ‘see into’ who are partners really are and makes our companion ‘see into’ us as well.

The thing you need to ask yourself is this: what does intimacy mean to me and us as a couple? This can be a definition in relation to marriage or any relationship. To define intimacy is really to define how both of you relate to each other and to what depth.

Intimacy meanings

Some in psychology today see intimacy as more than just being close or being sexually intimate. The true main definitions of intimacy is not just about two bodies merging together for sex. Intimacy could have a different meaning for different people. What is the meaning of intimacy? The concept of intimacy involves a mutually consensual relationship where two individuals reciprocate feelings of trust, emotional and physical closeness toward each other.

Here are the 4 main definitions of intimacy and what they mean for you:

1. Intellectual intimacy

Are you both on the same wavelength? Do you ‘get’ each other? Can you talk ‘til all hours of the night about anything and everything—even stuff like kids and finances? That is what is meant by the definition of intellectual intimacy. It’s not that one person is smarter than the other; more so that you have a similar approach to life and enjoy conversing with each other. You may have different ideas, but you work to come together.

2. Emotional closeness

Many couples may be together for a long time but lack this type of intimacy. That’s because this one is probably the scariest. When you are emotionally close, it means you are vulnerable. You let your guard down and feel safe doing so. When you feel this kind of closeness, you can tell each other anything and feel accepted. You both can “feel” what the other person is feeling.

3. Spiritual bond

Probably the last thing you think about when you see ‘intimacy’ is spiritual. But if you believe that God or some higher power wants us to love each other, then it makes sense. We aren’t here by accident, and somehow, we find each other. We form strong connections. When you form a spiritual bond, you both understand each other’s spiritual quest and beliefs. You allow the relationship to have a spiritual competent. Why do we not harm others, just because it’s the law? No, because we believe life is precious. That is a spiritual bond. When you achieve that in your intimate relationship.

4. Sexual expression

Being ‘intimate’ is at the root of the word ‘intimacy,’ but what does that mean? Is it just sex, or is it more than that? The definition of intimacy in a relationship is different from couple to couple. But the ideal has to do with sexual expression. If you are both able to feel free to express yourselves in a sexual way and feel comfortable with each other, then you have reached a good level of intimacy. It is more than just sex—you are sharing that most special part of yourself, and vice versa.

Final Takeaway

All in all, each type of intimacy is a process. It can change, so work on it with your partner for a more fulfilling and satisfying relationship. The above shared 4 main definitions of intimacy and what they mean to you, can be a good base to build an everlasting intimacy with your significant other. To define and explore intimacy at so many levels, is an interesting journey, one that you must take. Bon voyage.

The How Game Are You?™Couples Intimacy Edition was designed to help couples particularly with points 1 and 2. Pre-order the game for yourself or someone looking to expand their intimacy with their partner and start a conversation that really matters. View full details here or Buy Now  for quick delivery direct or through Amazon (US) and Amazon (AU).

Source Link:  4 Main Definitions of Intimacy and What they Mean for You
romantic games that couples play

Romantic Games That Couples Play

Games That Couples Play

Are date nights getting a little boring and you want to step it up a bit? One of the things connected couples do is look to shake up date nights every now and then. Romantic games that couples play or couple games are one way to share some time alone with your partner and reconnect to why you came together and the joys this close bond can bring

Most romantic games that couples play are about innuendo. Do this, guess this and then take some clothing off or sip a glass of wine or something. This is more tit-for-tat (if you excuse the pun), and it can be funny, but not fun, and definitely not connecting in a meaningful/ sustainable way.

There is more to romance than just playing a game. Romantic games is about setting the scene first and the game is the substance. Here are some fun and romantic games that couples play that you should definitely try out to bring some spark in your relationship

The keys for romantic games are:

  1. Set aside some quality time free of outside distractions

  2. Create the mood prior to set the scene. Maybe a little note added onto your partner’s lunch, or a text in the morning (e.g. so looking forward to our romantic games night together), or cheeky meme sent in the afternoon

  3. Create a nice space at home. Even if you just moved house, you can set aside some clean space, maybe put a tablecloth down or layout some snacks or dinner and a few candles or aromatherapy oils. It’s a sacred space of communication and romance that you are making

  4. If you are in the habit of de-briefing each day, agree between you to skip that today, or limit it to 5 mins or so each. Tonight has a focus, and its romance and connection, not practicalities

  5. Food or drinks are great additions and they can be especially prepared or take-away, but a little presentation goes a long way and helps set a higher standard. Maybe celebratory champagne to toast each other and what you love about each other, or some favourite fruit just in season or a rare treat you rarely splurge on

  6. Put electronics to the side (and preferably on silent). If something needs to be done, agree between you when your night will start and do the task before you sit down

  7. Hold hands and take a couple of deep breaths together to let the energy and attachment to the rest of your crazy day dissipate. You are here now setting a scene for your romantic night of fun and games

  8. Giving gratitude can be a great grounding task. Each take turns to say what you are grateful for in the world, including each other, and be very present. If you are not feeling present, explain this to your partner so they don’t get mixed messages and see what they suggest to help you become more present. For some, its a glass of wine, or a shoulder massage, foot massage or your favourite music played and a few more deep breathes to slow down

  9. Forget about your day and talk about love, romance, great times you’ve had together, what you love in life and about each other

  10. Play your romantic couple games or question cards of your choice (further examples below). We created a game specifically for this and it’s a real-life conversation game and through this couples learn, laugh and as a result, romantic connection develops at a whole new level.

  11. Take some photos of you having fun, or just stop for a second to acknowledge your partner and what a fun time you’re having. This is a moment you can recall in the future or talk about on a road trip, and help take you back to the moment

  12. Use the time together as a reminder of how good it is to feel romantic again, more connected and focused on your relationship. Set a date for the next event, or take turns to plan things, be it a full date night out, or an easy low-stress night in.

If you Google ‘Romantic Games’ there aren’t a lot on offer that aren’t tacky or just about activities rather than connection. Games for romantics are usually suggestions like Scrabble with romantic words only allowed, or drinking, strip games. Other are more strategy or make believe games and have their place for some people, but don’t really set the scene for a great romance night, of true intimate and romantic connection.

Even if you are skilled at opening conversations and creating safe places for intimate discussions, if your partner is less communicative for whatever reason (tired, flat, disconnected or just not valuing the time properly), it becomes harder to initiate or achieve a meaningful discourse. One solution is to sit down, think of some great conversation starters and your own way to start it. Make it fun and be interesting but not too provocative or push the other persons emotional buttons as you are trying to build connection and conversation, not win points.

Romantic games that couples play questions can be simple like: 

  • “What’s something in our lives together that you really appreciate at the moment?”

  • “What would you like to do more of as a couple?”

Or make them more romantic or steamy:

  • “What kind of romantic gestures do you like the most?”

  • “What’s something we haven’t done in the bedroom for a while we should think about?”

Creating these conversation questions can take quite some time. Lucky for you we’ve done the hard work and spent hundreds of hours developing questions to get your romantic games started.

‘Among the romantic games that couples play, How Game Are You? Couples Intimacy Edition is the “BEST ROMANTIC COUPLES GAME EVER” we think’.

Think of this as a real-life romantic couple games conversation starter. The game starts with a Pledge Card to set the scene for a truthful game. Player 1 selects a Level 1 (1 chilli) card with simple ice-breakers to get conversation going, and then you move to more open-ended general questions. The next level (2 chilli cards) is about relationships specifically, romance, gratitude and date nights. Level (3 chilli) is more about physical intimacy questions, but in a tasteful way.

You’ll learn a lot about yourself, your partner and your relationship. At the end the winner gets to choose a task for the loser, to be performed over the next 14 days or they have to pamper the other player in whatever ‘reasonable’ way they want. It’s a fun game to play and conversations linger way after playing the game, providing a basis for better understanding and more meaningful connection between couples. There are many romantic game nights to be had with over 150 base cards plus the bonus 4 chilli image cards.

How Game Are You? Couples Intimacy Edition is now available through our website, Amazon US and Amazon AU or Ebay AU. View the full details of the game here or order your copy now for yourself or as a gift, and be one of the first to play it.

Dinner Party Games For Fun And Laughter

Dinner Party Games For Fun And Laughter

Dinner Party Games For Fun And Laughter

Dinner parties are a great way to gather some friends and enjoy good food together. Adding a dose of playfulness to a conversation will definitely take your party to the next level and playing games over dinner is definitely one sure way to do that!

Instead of just getting into your usual dinner conversation, which sometimes can get boring and not everyone can relate or checking with your mobile phones updating your social media accounts, spice up and liven the night with these dinner party games suggestions.

How Game Are You – Couples Intimacy Edition

A tasteful themed dinner party board game for an open and FUN conversation about sex with the purpose of reducing stigmas and judgments. Once you have purchased the game kit, the ideas are prepared for you, including suggested recipes, invitations, game manuals and all the accessories. All you need to do is grab your partner and a group of good friends and organize the party! You can set the party to only have couples as guests or a close group of friends or even singles and it sets the scene for fun, laughter and an improved sex life after.

The game included three defined decks of cards with questions and ranging from interesting trivia questions, to fun actions and leading raunchy discussions .. you decide. The player is free to choose which level he/she prefers to answer. Score sheets, pencils and timer are also provided. You’ll get points for every correct or answered or acted out action and discussion questions. The girl and guy with the most number of points wins! And a specially crafted novelty cup will be awarded to them as the Master and Mistress of the night.

The Couples Game

A fun game for a dinner party when you’re only planning to have couples at the party. To prepare the game all you need are either a pad of paper or a small dry eraser board for each couple and some fun questions, most likely 10-15 about the guys for girls to answer and another 10-15 abut the girls for guys to answer.

Now to get the fun started, sit all the women on one side of the room and the men on the other side. The host can start asking the guys first and hand out the pad of paper or board to the girls. As you say the first question, before having the guys answer the question have the girls write the answer first and place them down. Now go and ask the guys one by one and as they answer, their partner will reveal their answers. The couple with the same answer receives a point! Having asked all the questions for the guys, announce the current scores and now have them switch over. This time the guys get the board and the girls to guess their partner’s answer. The couple with most number of points wins!


The CLASSIC and an all-time favorite word guessing game without talking. To prepare, separate your guest into two teams. Provide each person from for each team a piece of paper and have them write a secret word or phrase. Now collect separately the papers from each team, with each team guessing the other’s words or phrases. Taking turns, one member of the team will act out the word or phrase – and no mouthing please! With the rest of the team guessing. The catch? They only have three minutes or less to figure out the word or phrase. They will get a point for each correct answer. And the team with the most number points wins!


Test your pop culture knowledge and play this game! To prepare the game, provide each of your guests Post-it note and pens. While they’re seated at the table, have each guest write a famous person’s name on the Post-it. You can even make it more difficult or wacky by allowing them to pick historical figures or a cartoon character! Now, without sneaking a look, have them stick their note on a friend’s forehead and get the game started. Each person will now have to figure out who their celebrity is by asking other guests questions. Whoever guessed their identity the fastest with the least amount of questions wins!

Slip It In

Enliven the chatter and play this game! To prepare for the game, prepare phrases in pieces of papers and hand it out to each of you guests. You can either hand it out as guest arrive at the dinner or hide each one under the guest’s dinner plate. When everyone had settled down or is already seated at the table, have them read their assigned phrases – not letting others peek at them and of course not peeking at others and get the game rolling.

As dinner progresses, every guest must attempt to slip those phrases into a casual conversation without someone realizing that it’s their “slip it in” phrase. The catch? Each person should wait for 5 minutes after slip it in their story before they can claim their victory! You can award prizes to the guest who was the first one to use their phrase, the guest who guessed the most “slip it in” phrases and a small prize for each who were able to slip in their phrase successfully. And bet you can even give penalty prize for people who were caught slipping in their phrase or those that have never used their phrase by the end of the evening.

Sing Down

This fun game really get you singing. Now to get started, divide your guest into teams. As the host, choose a word and have each team brainstorm songs as many as they can that contains the chosen word. Each team has one minute to think. After that, get the singing going. Each team takes turn in singing a song which contains that word. The catch? NO songs can be repeated once it’s already sang by another team and everyone on the team MUST sing!

Once a team runs out of songs to sing is out and the last team standing with the most number of songs wins! Make sure though that you have the internet to check the validity of the song if some confusion arises.

Ask Me About

Want to be the first one to play the game and see ‘How Game Are You’? Send us your details or buy the How Game Are You? Couples Intimacy game to take things up a notch. The game includes 4 CHILLI CARDS that has sex topics in them. These are optional and in a sealed section so only select them if you want to change things up a little. They have stylised images on them of sex positions, toys and hair styles for you to make names up for.

The game is now available through our website, Amazon (US and AU) and Ebay (AU). You can order your own copy of the game now and be one of the first to receive it. Now you have your dinner party all set up for the next level!

Romantic Games For Couples

Romantic Games For Couples

Romantic Games For Couples

Are date nights getting a little boring and you want to step it up a bit? One of the things connected couples do is look to shake up date nights every now and then, and romantic games for couples is one way to share some time alone with your partner, learn, laugh and see what happens on a new level 😉

There are a number of games available for couples, from card games to board games, from trivia games to strategy games and unfortunately, most are cheap and tacky. Some are rightfully designed to get to know your partner better, but most seem to just set the scene for titillation and miss the main part of a great date night, and future nights – true intimate connection.

Even if you are skilled at opening conversations and creating safe places for intimate discussions, if your partner is less communicative for whatever reason (tired, flat, disconnected or just not valuing the time properly), it becomes harder to initiate or achieve a meaningful discourse. One solution can be to get together with a bunch of friends and create romantic but also respectful conversations and games. Easier said than done I hear you say, but now there is an answer.

Dinner parties are fun by themselves, and the combination of good people, good food and maybe even good wine that can make the night go up a notch. Use this environment to bring in some cheeky fun, banter and laughs all in a safe place with friends. Whether it be fun sex trivia, or dares, or comparing opinions, the table environment allows fun, laughter and often conversations to be had that can be a little harder one-on-one.

These conversations also linger on well after the dinner party and provide the basis for better understanding, discussion, re-thinking childhood taboo’s and more meaningful connection between consenting adults. The good news, is that rather than having to create your own romantic games night and ideas, it’s been done for you and you can order now and be playing in just a few days.

The new theme game How Game Are You – Couples Intimacy Edition is designed to take the romantic game concept and make it easy, fun and encourage intimacy conversations (emotional and physical) between couples. It can be played safely with a number of couples or singles over dinner parties and is tasteful, respectful and no keys need to be thrown in any bowls! The game has invitations, instructions, meal ideas, table settings, all the special placemats, cards and items to facilitate a great night and ensure a fun and tasteful night.

How Game Are You – Couples Intimacy Edition was specifically designed to open fun and interesting conversations about sex with the objective to reduce stigmas and judgements. Through this it re-ignites a sense of fun and passion for couples wanting to understand more their emotional and sexual side in a fun and tasteful way.

So get the gang together!

You can check out this article to know more about romantic games for couples or view the full details of the game. How Game intimacyAre You? Couples Intimacy Edition is now available through our website, Amazon (US and AU) and Ebay (AU). You can order your own copy of the game now and be one of the first to receive it. Let the fun and romance begin.

Sex Board Games

Sex Board Games

Sex Board Games

Sex Board Games Will Heat Up Your Game Night And Relationship

Why a sex board game? Well one of the most important factors of being in a relationship is having quality physical connection with your partner. Creating time in your day to match your partner or at the very least the occasional date night usually does the trick as long as you can connect properly in that moment and without distractions. Choosing the right topics then and delivery can be a challenge so we did all of that for you.

Playing board games has also been found out to be one of the best way to stimulate conversation, laughter and connection, and another way is sex if the intimacy is there first. Combine board games, connection and intimacy, and you have ‘sexy board games’ to hopefully entice open conversations, laughter, learning and deeper connection.

Sex board games can vary from suggestive ‘move here and take a piece of clothing off’, to ‘move here and perform xyz’. They’re often participatory or a challenging type. You need to understand the grounds of the game before you buy it to see if it will be right for the both of you.

Some games are very confrontational/ tacky and others tasteful, while a third type is now also emerging. The current two types of sex board games can be generally categorized as:

  • Discussion – This type of sex board game uses suggestive clues and action to provoke sexual situations. Couples answer questions get to build up their understanding of each other.
  • Action – On the other hand, this type of sexy board games are designed to increase the level of sexual arousal. Many provoke activities, challenges and more revealing acts which often involves sexual interaction between a couple.

Something major was lacking though. The best sex normally involves emotional and physical connection, with desire and some skill really helps. Sometime people don’t know what they don’t know and so many couples are matched personally and emotionally, but not sexually. It was time for a third category ‘Relating’, which is at the core of a ‘Relationship’.

Dinner Party Games

Dinner Party Games

Dinner Party Games

Not Your Ordinary Dinner Party!

Bored with the same old format? Organize a themed dinner party game!

Many people try to eat out to meet friends these days. Yet even the best restaurants don’t approximate the intimate spirit of eating in a home, freely moving around the table. Talking for hours without being shuffled on, admiring the hosts handy work and doing so for often less cost than going out.

What is a best dinner party game?

The best dinner party nights start out about the people invited, the food and drinks, but have you ever noticed how a theme, dress style, activities or fascinating conversation really improves the night. Choose the right dinner party games to break the ice, allow guests to expand their social circle, learn new things and given the right dinner party theme, it might even become the highlight of the year for them!

You can choose dinner party games and themes as simple as guessing games, novelty card games, white theme (clothing and table), wine appreciation or say a Japanese theme with food, Japanese dress code and Sashimi making.

The next step is to really get the night cranking with a fully themed dinner party and game. Murder mystery games have been popular over time, and Western themes but the ultimate experience, fun and learning comes from a ‘sexy dinner party game’ cleverly called How Game Are You – Couples Intimacy Edition. They thought of everything from invitations, hints, instructions, rules, props and how to run the night so that it’s fun, cheeky, tasteful and informative. There are question cards, dares, blindfolds and challenges created to get your guests begging for more … parties of course. 😉 Don’t worry, there are no car keys thrown into the bowl, but it was originally designed to help break down sexual stigma’s, encourage people to embrace their sexuality more and to encourage better quality adult fun at home or wherever!

How Game Are You? Couples Intimacy Edition is now available through our website, Amazon (US and AU) and Ebay (AU). You can order your own copy of the game now and be one of the first to receive it. Let the fun and romance begin.

Here’s the full information on what to expect and how to host the dinner party game and let’s just see How Game Are You!