Best Romance Games For Adults

Romance Games For Adults

Finding the best romance games for couples can be tough, so we’ve broken down some of our favourites.

Where to start though, for you specifically? We all know love and romance is not just about holding hands or walking in the park, but what type of romance are you seeking? Couples need interesting and fun moments to keep their relationship lively, spark up different topics, learn new things about each other and feel the true connection that is special between you. Games have many benefits and are a great way to do this because they spark creativity, the thinking is largely done for you, a game played this year and again next year might yield different answers and the fun is already built-in for you.

The first step is determining your thoughts on what type of ‘romance games’ you and your partner are actually after. They can be any one of these types, or a combination:

LAUGH TIME GAMES. Light romance really. More about just having a laugh together without daily distractions and have the game help make it possible around adult topics.

INCREASED CONNECTION GAMES. The desire to really get closer together and strengthen the romance and relationship. Talk and share your feelings with each other, be more vulnerable, give positive affirmations and re-spark the romance. More about quality and outcomes.

ESCAPISM GAMES. Where you’re not interested in being serious, you just want romantic role plays and making things up.

ROMANCE = SEX GAMES. Some people just want to set the romantic mood up to initiate sex, or use the game to specify sexual directions to perform.

Following is a shortlist for you, including our TOP CHOICE moniker to make your decision even easier if you’re in a hurry. 👍


#1 TOP CHOICE 👍 Dare Duel – A Romantic Game for Couples. US$25.99

110 cards, notepad. Suitable for one couple.

Dare Duel players take turns drawing cards and selecting words or phrases to create fun and romantic dares to act out, while also battling over who will perform the dare. With hundreds of different words and phrases to choose from, the combinations are almost endless, making every game unique.

#2 Secret Romance Cards – Games For Couples. US$11.99

100 cards. Suitable for one couple.

Secret Romance is just like a tin full of cupids calling cards as they allow you to show your partner how much you care about them without saying a word! You can pick and perform however many of the romantic gestures as you like and whenever you choose too. You can pop them back into the tin too and use them again if you like – just shuffle them up!


#1 TOP CHOICE 👍 How Game Are You? Couples Intimacy Edition. US$35

202 cards, board, blindfold. Suitable for one couple, two against each other or just close open-minded friends.

It’s a respectful adult board game designed to expand the connection and intimate relationship through fun real-life conversations. There is a mixture of trivia for ice-breakers, personal questions, relationship questions and sex topics that are all designed to get a couple talking, sharing and learning about each other.

The blindfold is fun with tasks to build your sensitivity and playfulness.

By adding a board instead of just cards, the focus is on the board and players are less intimidated to answer openly.

You earn more places on the board for better or more detailed answers, and there are even 14-day challenge cards at the end to keep the benefits ongoing.

#2 The Discovery Game: Board Game for a Married Couple. US$79.99

Cards, timer, CD, ebook. Suitable for one couple.

The Discovery Game is a way for you and your significant other to feel more connected. It’s aimed at married couples, although anyone can use the game to strengthen their relationship. The discovery Game creates an atmosphere that is exhilarating- where conversation, fun and romance result naturally. This unique resource allows you and your spouse to pursue true intimacy at a pace tailor-made to fit your relationship.

#3 Our Moments: Couples. US$18.95

100 cards. Suitable for one couple.

Conversation starter cards in question and answer format. The questions provoke responses so there is no real scoring. It’s simple and suitable in-car entertainment or when time is short.


#1 TOP CHOICE 👍 Fog of Love ‘Male-Female Version’. US$42.99

30 tutorial cards, 88 tokens, board. Suitable for one couple.

Fog of love is a game for two players where you will create and play two vivid characters who meet, fall in love and face the challenge of making an unusual relationship work. Playing fog of love is like being in a romantic comedy: roller-coaster rides, awkward situations, lots of laughs and plenty of difficult compromises to make. Much as in a real relationship, goals might be at odds. You can try to change, keep being relentless or even secretly decide to be a Heartbreaker. It’s your choice. The happily ever after won’t be certain, but whatever way your zigzag romance unfolds, you’ll always end up with a story full of surprises to raise a smile! Several versions for different gender preferences.

#2 Consentacle. US$139.97

64 cards, 120 tokens. Suitable for one couple.

It’s a cooperative card game for two players that represents a consensual sexual encounter between a curious human and a tentacled alien. The players build card combinations to figure out how to build trust and do sexual things with each other, even if they can’t communicate easily. The game casts one player as a human and the other as an alien. You both play cards to build trust with each other, and then can cash in that trust for sexual satisfaction. But it’s not just the cards that you play that matter – each action has repercussions and combinations with your partner, meaning that cooperation is key.


#1 TOP CHOICE 👍 Bedroom Battle. US$25.99

92 battle cards, 210 sexy challenges, 70 reward cards. Suitable for one couple.

Bedroom Battle is a fun card drafting game for two players of any gender where you compete to win sexy favours from each other.

A game for couples where you play to win fun and romantic dares for you and/or your partner to act out. Use battle cards to compete for reward cards containing three dares to choose from. The player who collects the most reward cards wins and gets to pick a special final dare to end the game. Bedroom Battle is a strategic card game that is more complex than many similar games for couples, which also makes it much more rewarding and less repetitive.

#2 Monogamy Adult Couples Board Game. US$20.78

250 cards, dice, board. Suitable for one couple.

Monogamy has 3 sections with the emphasis is on finding out what really turns each other on and then translating this into an erotic fantasy to remember at the end. The emphasis is on finding out what really turns each other on and then translating this into an erotic fantasy at the end.

So we hope we’ve helped you determine the romance style of game you want, and have also been able to direct you to the best romance game for you. Let us know what you think.

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