Benefits Of Board Games For Couples

Benefits Of Board Games For Couples

We all understand that playing with anything generally adds joy to life, be it by yourself or especially with friends or significant others. Here we will touch on the benefits of board games for couples. Board game playing brings life improving benefits to an individual and couples life. Here are some reasons a couple should play board games regularly:

It brings them closer and strengthens relationships.

  • Generally, a board games playing foundation is either co-operation or strategy/competition and played in either a large group or small. While men typically prefer strategy games and women prefer co-operation or learning games, choosing the right style for maximum and mutual enjoyment is important for the end result desired. A competitive couple might prefer a winner takes all approach or 6-hour mega battle, but we found a shortage of available couples games for men and women to play cooperatively, and that covered topics that strengthened the relationship, and hence 2 new games were created. ‘Couples Intimacy Edition’ was first and ‘Couples Money Edition’ follows to bring couples closer in their thinking, understanding and future.

It brings laughter and decreases stress.

  • Laughter is a ‘side effect’ of board game playing, and it’s one of the vital ingredients for creativity and an enjoyable learning experience. Also, laughing and having a good time in general helps to decrease stress, so that explains why studies have found that game board playing has the ability to reduce stress. According to an online survey, 53 percent of people play games for stress relief. A couple that laughs together stays together is an old adage and probably has some truth in it.

It’s person-to-person, not digital communication.

  • An amazing benefit of board games is that its face-to-face, physical personal and preferably uninterrupted. It’s a time to put away the digital, be totally focused together and enjoy the connection most couples crave and is easier to achieve without distractions, being present and being in your own ‘couple bubble’.

Couples game playing creates more happiness.

  • Playing board games triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural ‘feel-good’ chemical. These ‘happy hormones’ have the power to improve conscious and unconscious mind functions, leaving couples feeling cheerful, compassionate, loving and content.

Board games enhance creativity and self-confidence.

  • This is a perfect opportunity to display a creative side of someone’s personality in non-intrusive or arrogant way, which can be very beneficial for the ‘quiet types’. Board games can be an amazing tool for highlighting creativity, showing this side to your partner as a reminder of who you are, and sometimes creating solutions together within a game. Playing also helps an individual or couple to develop a stronger sense of creativity/individuality, that then leads to a greater self-esteem and the fulfilling feeling of being included and ‘noticed’.

Playing board game lowers blood pressure.

  • Along with reducing stress, laughing and increasing ‘happy hormones’, board games can be effective when focusing on maintaining blood pressure. It is believed that the release of endorphins causes muscles to relax and blood starts to circulate much more easily, which likely lowers blood pressure.

Long term board game playing may also help reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease.

  • Long term board game playing may also help reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease. Adding different areas of the mind and different thinking skills to everyday life is a wonderful exercise for the brain and helps to keep the mind sharp and reduce long-term Alzheimer’s risk.

Revitalises your emotional and therefore physical relationship as a couple.

  • By connecting as a couple through a game, the emotional bond is often strengthened, more trust and closeness occurs, and this emotional intimacy often strengthens the ‘couple bond’ and can even end in more physical intimacy too. Wins all around.

Board games have definitely played a big role for couples in building their relationship. Not only that, it helps maintain mental health and improve social, problem solving and cognitive skills. It is also a stress reducer and most of all life skills as mentioned on this benefits of board games article.

So, where to from here?

Well it’s time to look for some couples games that suit your joint interests, personalities and available time. A great start is our ‘How Game Are You? Couple Intimacy Edition’ as its now available through our website, Amazon (US and AU) and Ebay (AU). The game is a great example of a fun and exciting board game to build connection for a couple. Questions focus around general knowledge, personal viewpoints, relationship questions and even some spicy questions if you want. Soon the ‘Money Edition’ will also be available to touch on joint finances, future growth together and all achieved in a fun and productive way.

Order the game here or if you just want more information on the benefits of board games, here’s another article: Health Benefits Of Board Games

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