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Playing Board Games

We play games for many reasons and playing board games offers many opportunities for us to discover more about ourselves, our friends and how we interact with others. Additionally, board games teach us lessons about the real world. Here’s a list from Geek And Sundry on the life lessons they’ve learned from playing board games. […]

Restoring Intimacy In A Relationship

In restoring intimacy in a relationship, Marriage/Couples Counselor Nicola Beer points out the 3 main reasons why couples struggle to restore intimacy and connection after a breakdown. Below are some ways on restoring intimacy in a struggling relationship. Men and women view intimacy differently. Men and women tend to have a different view on what […]

Healing Power Of Conversation

Pain can come from anywhere at any time, it can come from family members, partners and friends. This pain causes scars, tears, unshed thoughts and as it builds up a wall is created and the heart freezes. Over time, pain can turn into anger and might harm that current relationship and any other relationships you […]

Your Body When You Stop Sex

There is hardly anything that contributes to a better mood or offers more fun than one of the most beautiful pastimes in the world. But the importance of a healthy and regular sex life really is often underestimated. Here are eight good reasons why you should not neglect your sex life. Because this is what […]

Ballet Meets Pole Dancing

This ‘Ballet Meets Pole Dancing’ post seems to have attracted a lot of attention, but whatever your preference, bias, beliefs are around pole dancing, you have to admit that this is artistic genius, amazing strength, beauty and sexuality all combined. Ballet meets Pole dancing. Whenever we have a connection with someone, we create a level […]