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Benefits Of Question Games

There are many benefits of question games because they spark creativity and help people focus attention on the outcome of the questions. Examples are to ‘learn things’ like Trivial Pursuit teaches, or ‘combine random themes’ (Cards Against Humanity), or push the mind to ‘think faster’ (Charades), or ‘consider thought-provoking questions’ that might not normally be […]

Relationship Questions

Develop your marriage/ partnership and keep it flourishing by incorporating relationship questions into your discussions, drive trips, date nights or game nights. Relationships are created from commitment, communication and are continued due to mutual respect and effort. It’s crucial to really get to know your partner by asking everything from everyday clarifying questions, to the […]

Best Sex Starts With Communication

Discover the 5 love languages and determine the ways best sex starts with communication and how you can better communicate love with your partner. When there is true connection between loving sexual partners outside the bedroom, sex can ramp up to a whole new level of intimacy. True love and sexual ecstasy is the end […]

Sex Conversations

Sex and sex conversations can be one of the most intimate and pleasurable moments couples can experience. However, it can also be one of the terrifying things to deal and talk about with, even with a partner. ‘How Game Are You? Couples Intimacy game’ was developed as a tool to start conversations, reduce stigma’s, increase […]

13 Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas

If you don’t know exactly what you want to do this Valentine’s Day, but you know you don’t want to get stuck in a Netflix or movie binge, even worse, end up at an overpriced clichéd dinner out, there’s no need to worry.  Here are 13 Unique Valentine’s Day ideas for all types of budgets, […]

Main Definitions Of Intimacy

The dictionary defines ‘intimacy’ as closeness or sexual intimacy, but did you know that the main definitions of intimacy? An interesting way to define intimacy would be blending of hearts. Intimacy with our partner allows us to ‘see into’ who are partners really are and makes our companion ‘see into’ us as well. The thing […]

Ways To Communicate In Relationships

On ways to communicate in relationships, it is often said that actions speak louder than words. However, we should also take note that words have its own place in a relationship. What and how you speak these words is one of the ways to determine how you value a person or a person values you. […]

Physical And Verbal Exercise To Build Intimacy

Physical and verbal exercise to build Intimacy are crucial in a relationship. Jordan Gray, a relationship consultant and coach usually suggest to his client to do to further build their intimacy. (If you happen to be more of a verbal person, verbal exercises will follow after this content). Below are some examples of physical and […]

Saving Money Game

A saving money game can help set you up for saving and then investing success. When money is tight, often the first step os to just look for even more ways to save money. It is important to follow the basics like prioritizing debt paydown first, putting 10% of all money aside for this or […]

Best Romance Games For Adults

Finding the best romance games for couples can be tough, so we’ve broken down some of our favourites. Where to start though, for you specifically? We all know love and romance is not just about holding hands or walking in the park, but what type of romance are you seeking? Couples need interesting and fun […]