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Play for Adults

The Benefits of Play for Adults Nowadays, as adults we tend to engulfed ourselves with work and family commitments that we almost feel like time is never enough to insert pure fun in the picture. We would prefer to black out in front of the television or computer for some leisure time than get involve a more fun activity like we did as children. Somewhere along childhood and adulthood we have lost the essence of play. But because we're adults, that doesn't follow that we have to take everything seriously. We all need to play and being [...]

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3 Keys to Effective Communication

3 Keys to Effective Communication How should you communicate so that you are heard acknowledged and your intentions are moved forward? Here are the 3 keys to communicate effectively: Speak their 'words'. As much as possible, know the person you are communicating with beforehand. What and how they use words, phrases and even jargons. Then mix them in as your present your ideas. Make sure you're understood. Speak in short sentences and direct to your point. Don’t repeat yourself unless you’re emphasizing a key idea. And at least wait for a few moment to see if they had [...]

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9 Life Lessons We Learned from Board Games

9 Life Lessons We Learned from Board Games We play board games for many reasons and playing them offers many opportunities for us to discover more about ourselves, our friends and how we interact with others. Additionally, board games teach us lessons about the real world. Here's a list from Geek And Sundry on the life lessons they've learned from playing board games. Being behind doesn't always mean that you're losing. Anything can happen in a game. You might see the changes coming while other times it’s a total surprise. In many cases, winners are usually determined [...]

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Top 10 Health Benefits of Board Games

Top 10 Health Benefits of Board Games Playing board games entertain and brings people together through competitive and cooperative game play. However, board games offers a lot more than just entertainment. Here's a of the top 10 benefits of board games from Health Fitness Revolution: Have fun and feel good. One of the effects of playing board games is laughter and it has be found out that this increases endorphins. This chemical in our body is known to elevate the feeling of happiness. Family time. Nowadays spending an uninterrupted time with your family may be quite impossible [...]

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From Hurting to Healing: The Power of Conversation

From Hurting to Healing: The Power of Conversation Pain can come from anywhere at any time, it can come from family members, partners and friends. This pain causes scars, tears, unshed thoughts and as it builds up a wall is created and the heart freezes. Over time, pain can turn into anger and might harm that current relationship and any other relationships you have. However, there’s still hope! And it’s called conversation. By ‘conversation’, it’s in order to voice the pain we felt, we must indeed voice the pain. Every situation is unique, but there’s nothing a [...]

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