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Benefits Of Board Games As Couples Games

Benefits Of Board Games As Couples Games We all understand that playing with anything generally adds joy to life, be it by yourself or especially with friends or significant others. Here we will touch on the effects of a couples game. Board game playing brings life improving benefits to an individual and couples life. Here are some reasons [...]

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Couples Talking About Finances 

Talking With Your Partner About Finances  Are you the sort that will either avoid the money topic, or talk about anything else, before you consider talking with your partner about finances? Don’t worry, it’s very common but you pay the price long term. Perhaps the reason is because money symbolizes different things to different people: power, control, [...]

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Ways To Save Money

General Saving Tips To Save Money Talk about your objectives. If you are in a relationship or saving with friends, be open about what your plans are, explain you might need support, set joint goals or targets and plans to work together or at least get support for what you are wanting to achieve. The more support [...]

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Tips Who Likes The Idea Of Being Richer.

Money Lessons For The Young And Cashless Here are 11 great tips for anyone who likes the idea of being richer. These money-making lessons are shared so younger generations, who don’t have money-mentor parents, can be given some easy-to-read and understand guidance. So here they are: Work out what bank, building society or credit union you want to [...]

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How To Resolve Money Issues In A Relationship

Resolving Money Issues In A Relationship 6 Tips to Resolve Money Issues in a Relationship Discuss your current financial status with your partner. Knowing how you and your partner are tracking financially leads to the next crucial step in resolving and preventing any financial issues. Conversations around money can be uncomfortable especially if we are [...]

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Top 10 Health Benefits Of Board Games

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Board Games Playing board games entertain and brings people together through competitive and cooperative gameplay. However, board games offer a lot more than just entertainment. Here's the top 10 benefits of board games from Health Fitness Revolution: Have fun and feel good. One of the effects of playing board games is [...]

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Play For Adults

The Benefits Of Play For Adults Nowadays, as adults we tend to engulfed ourselves with work and family commitments that we almost feel like time is never enough to insert pure fun in the picture. We would prefer to black out in front of the television or computer for some leisure time than get involve a more [...]

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3 Keys To Effective Communication

3 Keys To Effective Communication How should you communicate so that you are heard acknowledged and your intentions are moved forward? Here are the 3 keys to communicate effectively: Speak their 'words'. As much as possible, know the person you are communicating with beforehand. What and how they use words, phrases and even jargons. Then mix them [...]

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9 Life Lessons We Learned From Board Games

9 Life Lessons We Learned From Board Games We play board games for many reasons and playing them offers many opportunities for us to discover more about ourselves, our friends and how we interact with others. Additionally, board games teach us lessons about the real world. Here's a list from Geek And Sundry on the life lessons [...]

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