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Benefits Of Board Games For Couples

Board games – mostly adult board games – have existed for centuries and have been played in most cultures and societies throughout time. In the 1800’s the board game market started commercializing games and their popularity started growing.

Erik Arneson, an adult board game expert quoted his Top 10 since the 1800’s as:

  1. Monopoly (1935)
  2. Dungeon and Dragons (1973)
  3. Acquire (1962)
  4. Risk (1959)
  5. Settlers of Catan (1995)
  6. Scrabble (1948)
  7. Magic: The Gathering (1993)
  8. Trivial Pursuit (1982)
  9. The Mansion of Happiness (1843)
  10. Crokinole (1876)

In recent years board games have experienced more significant increases in sales. No doubt access to new graphics and materials, online variants, people seeking more creative use of time and more variety. Additionally more people are wanting fun in the safety of their homes too, contributing to the recent growth. Adult board games are played at parties, family gatherings, by couples and even by groups of people who share the same interest (Hobby games), but previously did not know each other.

More board game websites are now available listing games, and adding reviews, and increasingly in tighter categories, with a newer one being sexy adult board games.

Having reviewed some of the games available, including the more eye opening games through adult sex board game sites, we discovered there were few games creating fun and quality discussions around love, intimacy and breaking down stigma’s. Most were ‘move here and take this off’ and so on. We decided to create a tasteful game for the mind and body and we cheekily called it ‘How Game Are You – Couples Intimacy Edition’.

There are 150 main question cards, another 25 in the sealed section box for the more adventurous, plus activities for after the game to continue the game connection into the real world. Suitable for one couple, or 2 close couples prepared to share some personal thoughts and laughs together.

Couples Intimacy Edition BoxCouples Intimacy Edition GameCouples Intimacy Edition four chili cardsCouples Intimacy Edition Box contents

You’ll have fun, learn, laugh and create a closer relationship with your partner.

How Game Are You? Couples Intimacy Edition is now available through our website, Amazon (US and AU) and Ebay (AU). You can view full details here or order your own copy of the game now and be one of the first to receive it.

Get on board (pardon the pun), order the game, give it a go and let the fun begin.

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