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About Us

How Game Are You?™ is a suite of games targeting ‘Real Life Conversations’ around Money, Parents and Teenagers and Couples Intimacy to name a few.

The first game launched will be the ‘Money Edition’ which is nearing completion. It will aim to be fun, educational in an enjoyable way and bring out topics to discuss well after the game is finished. Look out for this on Kickstarter Q1, 2018.

The second game title the ‘Couples Intimacy Edition’ is also meant to be fun, meaningful and done in a tasteful way that involves someone choosing a card with a chilli ranking (1, 2 or 3), the other persons reads it out then scores your answer from the card prompts. Some questions are simple True or False (e.g. 1 chilli/ 1 point if right), other are personal questions, actions or opinions (often 3 chilli and 3 points). The great thing is that it’s all respectful and consensual so you choose if you want to play each card or not, and how much you want to share or not. Everybody learns, has fun, laughs together and further discussions follow on with each card, or after the round, or a week later if you want to bring it up then.

It’s all above the line, healthy conversations, no sleaze but also educational. The question cards and fun starts conversations that can be had together, or brought up at a later date in total privacy. It’s perfect for:

  • Happy Couples looking for more fun, laughter and enjoyment
  • Couples happy with the relationship but missing something between the sheets and don’t know how to discuss it
  • Couples where one person has plenty of physical desire but is not understanding the role of true intimacy and connections first
  • Couples where one or both were given incorrect information or beliefs when they were younger, and just needed to relax, learn and see if there is more
  • Fun couples that think they pretty well have things sorted, but always welcome more information, fun and take choose all 3 chilli questions if they Answer ‘How Game Are You’ with a ‘VERY’.

The couples edition first game is designed for one couple or two if you want to team up and later in 2018 we’ll release the Expansion Pack for groups, to make it a fun dinner party event for groups of friends or Hens nights.

All of the games launch initially via ‘Kickstarter’ with special deals and one-off offers for early adopters, so put your name down to be advised when it launches, pre-order a copy or request early notice of the future editions if they appeal more.

Be the first to get it via Kickstarter or by submitting your details via the form.