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About us

So what’s it all about?

How Game Are You?™ is a suite of games targeting ‘Real Life Conversations’ around personal thoughts, values, future desires, money and a couple’s relationship to name a few.

Co-creator Bradley ran a successful mortgage broking business for 10 years and observed first-hand the difficulties some couples had talking about money values, deciding on the exact future they wanted and differing perceptions of risk when taking out a mortgage. This was the seed of an idea to find ways to get couples talking more about their financial beliefs, risk profiles, spender/saver attitudes and being real about their future obligations. The solution was to create questions and a game to make things less personal and keep the sometimes forbidden topic of money, fun. This ‘Money Edition’ is still in final testing and has been expanded to cover money topics for all relationships be it a couple, joint siblings, friends or flatmates.

Co-creator Joanne is married to Bradley and runs a successful Architecture practice. Jo remarked on how many couples were getting divorced, while others were together for the kids, but just avoiding topics rather than talking and the intimacy that had sparked the relationship, was gone. Why weren’t they talking more? A similar format to the money game was needed, this time focusing on what was working in the relationship, reconnecting to the good, re-establishing intimacy and connection. As a result the ‘Couples Intimacy Edition’ was created and became the first game to launch.

Through all the development and testing of the Money and Relationship games, people were requesting quick and easy cards for road trips and questions they could ask of friends and their older kids, not just couples focused. Creating an easy entry into conversation games made a lot of sense, so we created the ‘Original Edition’ which can be the starting point for all games with a minimum suggested age of 16, based on players needing at least a base of life experiences to contribute to the more personalised questions.

Meaningful conversations create understanding, and questions spark the process.

Questions lead to answers, leads to understanding, leads to solutions and connecting.

Start with questions and the rest will flow.

Occasionally we run special deals and one-off offers so put your name down to be advised when specials happen or new games (like the Money game) are announced so you are the first to get it.